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2011 Tempe International Race

2011 Tempe International Race |

2011 Tempe International Race Report |

2011 Tempe International Race Report

Interesting day at the races today. It was the Tempe International Race and I opted for the sprint. Here’s my report.

The race included a 400m swim, 20K bike, and 5K run. Really fun, despite the extremely poor organization, which resulted in a 35 minute delay to begin the race. Yep, that’s right. Tucson Racing apparently failed to setup the bike course in a timely manner. Life goes on. Thankfully, I was not doing the Olympic Distance and starting the run at about 10:30 in the scorching heat.

Here are the splits:

Swim – 9:48     T1 – 1:54     Bike – 35:36     T2 – 1:11     Run – 27:55     Overall 1:16:27

The run is the area where I need to make the most improvement – and, it is what I’m working on the most. I’m not too terribly surprised by that time, given the fact that I’m training for a half-marathon and shooting for 9 minute miles in that event. Sure felt like I was going a lot harder than that, but swimming and riding before the run can do that, I suppose. I did feel that my first mile was really a dog, so I’ll be doing more BRICK workouts to see if I can fix that before the San Diego International.

Until next time, that’s the news.


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