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Speed Agility Power Drills at the Beach

Speed Agility Power Drills on the Beach |


Speed Agility Power Drills at the Beach

I just started reading Mark Sisson’s 21 Day Total Body Transformation and I have to tell you it is absolutely excellent. One of the key concepts is that you should do workouts that you really enjoy doing. I could not agree more with this fitness philosophy. It was a nice sunny day here, so I headed off to the beach with my kettlebell in hand for some speed agility power drills.

Here is the how to:

  1. Download copious amounts of LMFAO (optional)
  2. Carry 20kg kettlebell 300 yards to beach
  3. Set 1—150 yard sprints on hard sand x6 on 30 second rest
  4. Set 2—One-handed kettlebell swings, 15 reps each hand x3
  5. Set 3—100 yard sprints on soft sand x3 on 20 second rest
  6. Set 4—Alternating kettlebell swings, 20 reps x3
  7. Set 5—25 yard sprints on hard sand x6 on 10 second rest
  8. Set 6—One armed kettlebell clean and press, 8 reps each hand x3
  9. Set 7—Suicide drills (think Insanity Pure Cardio here) for 30 seconds on 30 second rest in deep soft sand, 3 sets
  10. Set 8—Figure 8 swings, 20 reps x3
  11. Carry kettlebell home
  12. Shower
  13. Blog

Here are the numbers:

  • 57:11
  • 875 calories
  • Average heart rate: 157
  • Max heart rate: 185

That’s what I call a great workout. The sand adds a whole different element to the speed agility power drills, but you could do them anywhere.

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