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PiYo Before and After

PiYo Before and After Results | by Dave Ward of

PiYo Before and After | by Dave Ward of

PiYo Before and After

I have to admit that when I first heard about Chalene Johnson’s new PiYo workout, I was a bit skeptical. That is until I met and talked with a bunch of the people in the PiYo Test Group. Let me tell you, the PiYo before and after results are insane!

In case this is the first time you’re hearing about PiYo, it is a workout program that uses the muscle sculpting benefits of pilates with the core strengthening and stretching benefits of yoga, while speeding it all up.

PiYo’s dynamic sequences deliver an intense calorie burn AND lengthen, tone, and increase flexibility. One of the best things about PiYo is that workouts don’t require weights or any other equipment. Another interesting thing about PiYo is that it is a low impact program, which means it’s good for all ages and abilities. Low impact does NOT mean you won’t get great results—you WILL burn fat and get more defined on this program.

You can get really great results with the PiYo program. Most of you might already know this, but what I tend to say quite often is that you shouldn’t be focused on the scale. Try to focus on the inches and how your clothes fit. The most important thing about this and every other program is how it makes you look and feel. The numbers on the scale are not that relevant because five pounds of muscle versus five pounts of fat look totally different in the mirror.

This video will give you a little intro to what the PiYo Workout and Meal Plan is all about. After you watch it, check out Coach Ryan Chapman’s PiYo Test Group results video below.


On a food-related note, as with any fitness program, you won’t get maximum results unless you’re eating right. You can’t expect to keep eating junk food and see great results!

The nutrition plan that comes with PiYo is easy to follow and super effective. You do not have to use Shakeology with the PiYo program, but if you do, know that it will significantly increase your results.

Coach Ryan’s PiYo Before and After Results

Check out the PiYo before and after results of one of the Fit Club Network’s coaches, and founder of Team Rhino, Ryan Chapman. Ryan has made amazing progress and he’s one of the people that has convinced me to do PiYo.


Free PiYo Coaching

Piyo is one of Monica’s “go to” workouts. She does it when she feels the need for some flexibility work or she just wants a change from the 21 Day Fix workouts. She’d be happy to talk with you about using both programs effectively.

If you’d like to get your own amazing PiYo before and after results, I encourage you to click on the button below and get Monica assigned as your coach! It’s totally FREE because it’s included in the price of the program. (By the way, Monica has 21 Day Fix meal planning nailed and can help you blend the two and get killer results.)

Get FREE PiYo Coaching!


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