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The New P90 Review and Unboxing

P90 Reviews and Unboxing |

P90 Review and Unboxing |

P90 Review and Unboxing

P90 is the very first program Monica and I did…sort of. P90 is loosely based on Tony Horton’s Power 90  program. Beachbody decided to redo it to customize it for people who are just getting started with fitness. Today, we’re sharing our P90 review and unboxing so you know what to expect with this fabulous program.

But, first I want to talk a little bit about our experience with the original Power 90 program.

The Original Power 90 Program

It was 2003 when Monica and I did Power 90. (Yes, we’ve been working out at home with Beachbody for over 11 years!) We “met” Tony Horton and Power 90 on a TV infomercial.

Let me share a little bit about this first experience:

Monica hadn’t worked out for awhile because of her pregnancy. Three months after giving birth to our second child, we got the program.

I was doing pretty bad at the time. I weighed 40 pounds more than today, plus I had a knee injury. This program literally gave me a new perspective on life. It totally changed me.

Power 90 had only two phases—simple fitness and nutrition, which did not fail to produce great results. I could not have done extreme workouts anyways back then because of my knee injury that didn’t heal properly. I wasn’t even able to do all of the workouts, like side-to-side squats and the fast feet. Following the modifier helped me a lot as it showed me exactly what to do.

If you haven’t read our stories yet, you can find them here—Dave’s story and Monica’s story. They’ll help you understand why we’re so passionate about what we do.

P90 Unboxing

What I love about the updated P90 program is the simple circuit workouts—you do chest, back, shoulder, arm, legs and then you start all over again. The exercises are uncomplicated, but serious. It’s super efficient.

The P90 program combines simplicity with a focus on eating healthy. You don’t have to punish yourself with something that intimidates you and makes you want to quit.

So, let’s see what is in the P90 base kit (in no particular order):

  • P90 Power Plan. The Power Plan consists of four steps:
    • Step 1—A goal without a plan is just a wish.
    • Step 2—Place your workout calendar somewhere and start pushing the plate.
    • Step 3—Read the Nutrition Guide.
    • Step 4—Take your picture before starting the program.
  • 6 Day Shred. This tells you exactly what to eat and includes a shopping list for six days. It helps you jumpstart your program and get rid of your cravings.
  • Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide. The P90 Nutrition Guide has a ton of information and ideas. It makes a simple point—be careful in the food choices you make. There is a list of what type of foods you are allowed to eat and the amount you’re allotted. If you follow these guidelines, you will get results.
  • Bonus Dynamics. If you order P90 from a coach, you get this. Inside are two workout calendars that tell you exactly what and when you should do your workout based on your ultimate goal. The Sweat Schedule is cardio-based and is most suitable for those who want to lose weight; it’s not geared for travelers. The Sculpt Schedule helps you form healthy muscle mass without bulking up; it has three levels (A, B and C) and a slightly harder “Saturday special” that demands more time and energy and is best if you are new to fitness.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Shakeology. A lot of people ask if they really need it. My response is—Do you really need push-ups? YES, you do if you want to get great results. It is a jet fuel for fitness. It provides a ton of energy because of its top quality dense nutrition.

I also want to emphasize the importance of having a coach who can guide you through the whole process, so you won’t have to struggle through it alone. Also, if you can find a workout partner, your chances of success increase big time.

Here’s a video where we do the P90 unboxing:


Where to Buy the P90 Workout

The P90 Workout is included with a Beachbody on Demand subscription, which is only $99 for an entire year! Click below to learn more about BOD:

Learn More About BOD


P90 Review — Sweat A and Ab Ripper A

During the P90 unboxing video, you had a chance to see the Sweat Schedule (Remember, Monica suggested laminating it?). Today, I am going to let you see what’s it really like.

Every time Beachbody introduces a new program, I am genuinely excited because I know it has the potential to help different groups—from extreme fitness people without much free time or with flexibility and balance problems to those who prefer yoga over weight lifting.

P90 is efficient because it has three phases—each at a different level of difficulty, which gradually increases from the A to C phases.

Today, Sweat A is on the menu, and I expect it to be pretty easy. But, you have to start somewhere, so you might as well do it at the beginning!

In the video, you can see me doing Sweat A and AB Ripper A. Clearly, it worked because I am soaked in sweat! It took me between 28 and 32 minutes. I like the fact that there are three levels.

I tried to keep up with the guy who was going as hard as he could, so I got a good workout. You can also see two people doing more of an easier/medium level. Maybe they are for you—they allow this program to be your gateway to fitness.

Check out my Sweat A workout video:


P90 Review — Sculpt A

Sculpt A is entry level fitness. It is much more advanced and visually entertaining than when I started. Monica and I tested it and, although we didn’t exactly know what it consisted of, we expected it to repeatedly activate all major muscle groups. After finishing the workout, we felt very positive. We loved it—especially the method where you do a move and hold it. This is how you get the good burn!

Sculpt A has a bit of everything—chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and legs. It took us about 27 minutes. You don’t need any special equipment, just a little time. However, I do recommend that you use some weights during your workout to push yourself a little harder. Start with smaller five pound weights.

Another important thing I want to mention here is that there is virtually no risk of getting hurt during these exercises, because every move is explained very thoroughly.

While I was doing this workout, I asked myself if I could I have done it when I was 40 pounds heavier with an injured knee. The answer is definitely YES. Maybe it would’ve looked like a bit different, but I definitely would have been able to do it.

Last, but not least, I also love that this program offers you something to aim and shoot for. This is where we started and it could easily be your jumping off point, too.

For this video, I grabbed Monica so we can hear her thoughts, plus it was great for us to workout together like in the good 'ol days. She usually works out at 6:15 a.m. and I'm not a big morning person, so our exercise schedules are not in sync.


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