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21 Day Fix vs Ultimate Reset

21 Day Fix vs Ultimate Reset |

21 Day Fix vs Ultimate Reset |

21 Day Fix vs Ultimate Reset

Both of these amazing programs are 21 days long and give amazing results—IF you do them correctly. So, when it comes to the the 21 Day Fix vs the Ultimate Reset, which one should YOU choose?

The 21 Day Fix and the Ultimate Reset are two completely different programs. Monica does the 21 Day Fix regularly and we both do the Ultimate Reset once to twice a year when we feel like we need to totally reboot our minds and bodies.

Let’s analyze, compare and contrast these two programs a bit so you can see what they entail and make your decision.

The 21 Day Fix Program

The 21 Day Fix program is designed to help you shed pounds through portion/calorie control AND tone your body with exercise.

The 21 Day Fix Food Containers

The 21 Day Fix program comes with color-coded containers with each color representing a different food group. These portion control containers help you measure the amount of food that you’re allotted each day according to your calorie range. Once you consume all your containers in your calorie range, you’re done for the day.

There are numerous delicious and satisfying healthy options—primarily single ingredients foods—for each container. The program allows you to choose the foods from the food list that work best for YOU. You CAN have caffeine, alcohol and sugar during the 21 days, but with pretty significant limitations.

Before you know it, you’ll be eating this way quite naturally.

The 21 Day Fix Workouts

The 21 Day Fix workouts are fairly simple exercise routines that typically last for about 30 minutes. If you find some of the exercises too difficult, you can follow the modifier. The program also includes active recovery days to allow your body to unwind and rest a bit, while still undergoing less rigorous exercises.

If you’re up for a tougher version of the program, check out the 21 Day Extreme!



What is the Ultimate Reset Cleanse? |

The Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day gentle cleanse designed to get your body hydrated, restore your body's pH level, and help you establish some simple healthy habits that will serve you for a long time after it's over.

It's more focused on cleansing and alkalinizing your body than losing weight and exercising. During the 21 days of this program, you follow a rigorous and straightforward nutrition plan.

  • The first week entails healthy protein-rich recipes, which means you get to eat meat (there is a vegetarian version too!)
  • The second week is protein-free with all of the recipes based on a vegetarian approach
  • The third week is totally vegan

You can NOT have caffeine, alcohol and sugar during the entire 21 days. Additionally, the program comes with various supplements that help you cleanse your body, which is the primary reason it is a bit more expensive than all the other programs.

In this video I describe what the Ultimate Reset is all about:

I won't lie. There will be tough days, but the payoff makes it all worth it. I really encourage you to give the Ultimate Reset a shot. I've done it many times and it's always a positive experience.

You can learn more about the Ultimate Reset by clicking below:



21 Day Fix vs Ultimate Reset

As we mentioned, both programs last for 21 days. Although this isn't a long time period, it is long enough to pick up some healthy habits that you can continue even after you’re done with the program.

One major difference between the two programs is that the 21 Day Fix allows you to eat a variety of healthy single ingredient foods while toning your body and the Ultimate Reset focuses more on "resetting" and alkalinizing your system by eliminating proteins from your diet and flushing toxins out of your body.

A common fallacy about the Ultimate Reset is that you’re not allowed to exercise at all during the 21 days. False! You are encouraged to move around and do a variety of your favorite exercises, as long as they are not super vigorous.

So, when is the best time to do the 21 Day Fix or the Ultimate Reset? Honestly, in our opinion, the best way to do is to adopt the 21 Day Fix as a healthy lifestyle and do the Ultimate Reset one to two times per year.

Both of these programs will give you awesome results! Here's a video of us chatting about the 21 Day Fix vs Ultimate Reset\:


And here's a little recap and review:


Get Coached for Free

So now that I've covered the 21 Day Fix vs Ultimate Reset, which one will you do?

If the 21 Day Fix resonated most with you, make life easy on yourself and work with an expert. Monica has been coaching since before Beachbody coaches even existed. (Before there were coaches, there were busy online message boards. She was so helpful there that she was asked to be one of the company's founding coaches!) She fell so in love with the 21 Day Fix that she chose to specialize in it.

Click on the button below to connect with her and request to join her private Facebook group:

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If you feel you're ready for a reboot, then the Ultimate Reset is a better fit. I'll help you get you through it with flying colors and thrilling results:

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Father, retired attorney, cyclist (road & track), skier, surfer, recovered triathlete, half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. Living my passion as an entrepreneur helping people achieve their fitness and financial goals.

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