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15 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

14 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes |

14 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes |


Our Favorite Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

THIS year is going to be different. THIS year you’re going to STAY committed to your healthier lifestyle, right? We are here to support you on your path. Right now that means passing along 15 clean and healthy Thanksgiving recipes that you can share with your family and friends this year.

How to Stay on Track During the Holidays

Monica and I want you to arrive to January with a sense of pride NOT guilt!

The first thing we want you to do is to refocus on your WHY—also known as your Core Commitments. (Click on this link to do this NOW!) Trust us…your WHY is WAY more important than the temporary gratification you’ll get from stuffing your face.

Here’s another super helpful blog post around this time of year—How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated to Lose Weight.

The next step is to make a clear plan. Writing down your goals and the tools you’ll use to stay focused on them is key.

These delicious AND healthy Thanksgiving recipes are one of these tools. They are proof that eating healthy does NOT mean you have to compromise on taste!

Healthy Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

Healthy Thanksgiving Soup/Salad Recipes

Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Healthy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

And here are a bunch of healthy pumpkin recipes—Healthy Pumpkin Recipes!

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