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Nutrition is KEY

Newsflash: Nutrition is KEY! |


Good Nutrition Helps You Lose the Most Weight

If you came to this post through our email series, welcome to your second week on the path to getting healthy! No matter how you came here, this post will help you understand that nutrition is KEY to the success of your health and fitness journey, particularly if you are focused on weight loss. (If you’re one of those atypical people who are trying to gain weight, it’s best that we work together one on one as this info is geared toward those looking to drop some pounds.)

In case you did know, nutrition accounts for about 75% of your weight loss results. What you put into your body is so much more important than what exercise you do. The sooner you can accept this simple fact, the better off you’ll be. Now, do NOT get me wrong—it’s best to combine BOTH healthy eating AND fitness for your overall health and to get the best results.

In the video below, I talk about one of the most important components of nutrition—carbohydrates—and how your body processes them. I’ll also teach you how to check for carbs on nutrition labels on foods, so you can get a handle on what foods help you and what foods are hurting you on your mission to lose weight.

Focus on Whole Food Nutrition

To simplify, I want you to focus on whole single ingredient foods.

Do you have any junk food in your pantry? Go check out the nutrition labels and you will see that none of them are single ingredient foods. Not only are there way too many things thrown into these kinds of foods, but I’d venture to say that you don’t know what more than half of the ingredients even are!

Now, go pick up an egg, an apple, some broccoli. These are single ingredient foods. You know what you’re getting and you can control the amount of carbs that’s going into your body much easier when you eat them. And, a quick side note—eat organic whenever possible

I’m pretty sure you have at least one question after reading this post and watching the video. Ask it…please. That’s why we’re here. Answering health and fitness questions is what we are passionate about. Let’s end the trend of obesity together—one body at a time!

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