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At Home Strength Training Program

At Home Strength Training Program |

At Home Strength Training Program

If you’re looking for an at home strength training program, you have found it! No matter what your shape, size or fitness level, the new LIIFT4 weight training program by trainer Joel Freeman will give you awesome results working out only four days a week. The video above is just a glimpse of the regular people who are are LOVING this program!

Benefits of Strength Training

Just in case you’re not clear about the benefits of strength training, I want to touch on that first. Here are the main ones:

Strength training is good for your general health. All exercise is good for you, but strength training is specifically good for reducing high blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol/raising good cholesterol, preventing osteoporosis,  preventing/improving diabetes, fighting cardiovascular disease, and lowering the risk of breast cancer.

Strength training increases your muscle strength. You’ll be stronger and more powerful so tasks requiring strength will be much easier, your body will be more toned, and you’ll have greater endurance in all that you do.

Strength training burns fat. As we mentioned in our Ultimate Guide on How to Burn Fat, adding strength training into your exercise regime helps boost your metabolism and reduce body fat. (Make sure you really understand how to track your progress because you may not lose weight at such a high rate when you’re strength training because you’ll be gaining muscle!)

Strength training improves muscle flexibility & tone. A good strength training program works your muscles through a full range of motion, which increases your body’s flexibility and tone. With improved flexibility comes fewer muscle pulls, aches and pains and firmer and more defined muscles makes looking in the mirror totally enjoyable.

Strength training reduces injuries. Strength training strengthens your muscles, tendons and ligaments AND increases your bone density, which means you’re significantly less likely to be injured.

Strength training improves posture. The way you sit and stand are influenced by the health of a network of neck, shoulder, back, hip and abdominal muscles. Stronger muscles can help you stand and sit straighter and more comfortably. Improved balance and stability.

Strength training boosts your confidence. ALL of these benefits of strength training improve your confidence and mindset! Stress and anxiety are reduced, sleep is improved, and energy levels are high. It feels GOOD to be healthy, toned and strong.

At Home Strength Training Program | TheFitClubNetwork.comLIIFT4 Strength Training Workouts

LIIFT4 is Beachbody’s newest workout—an at home strength training program created by Trainer Joel Freeman, the creator of the Core De Force workout. This program is considered intermediate to advanced, but there are modifiers, so anyone can do it. Joel hits it pretty hard with high intensity interval training (HIIT) in order to build muscle and burn calories.

My absolute favorite aspect of this program is it’s LESS IS MORE philosophy. By only having us work out four days a week, Joel gives us the time and freedom to do other activities and sports. For me, that’s mostly cycling and surfing. This makes LIIFT4 the PERFECT program for busy people who have a jam packed schedule—parents with a calendar full of kids’ activities are especially loving it!

This at home strength training program has 32 unique 30-minute workouts—with about 15 minutes of weightlifting, 10-12 minutes of HIIT and core work, and some stretching at the end. The workouts target your chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders, and legs; every workout will crush your abs to help flatten your belly from top to bottom.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of workouts:

  • LIIFT 50/50 – This starts off with a challenging combo of weightlifting and finishes with HIIT cardio.
  • LIIFT INTERVALS – A combo of weightlifting and intense burnout rounds of HIIT intervals.
  • CIRCUIT – A weightlifting workout with minimal rest so your body continually burns calories.
  • HIIT – This HIIT training will have you burn TONS of calories.

As I mentioned, you get three Recovery Days a week. You can use this time to give your muscles downtime to repair or do another (preferably less intense) workout.

You also have the option of doing one of Joel’s two Recovery Day routines that are designed to help prevent soreness, increase your flexibility and range of motion, release your trigger points and speed up the recovery of your muscles:

  • LIIFT4 Stretch – This stretch routine will warm you up and isolate and stretch each muscle group.
  • LIIFT4 Roll & Recover – In this routine, Joel has you use a foam roller to massage your muscles in order to increase circulation, relieve muscle soreness and speed up recovery.

The LIIFT4 strength training program is intense but straightforward—there are no gimmicks, it’s not complicated, and you definitely won’t be getting bored. The only equipment you need is a set of resistance bands or, if you’d like to be challenged even more, some light, medium, and heavy weights.

You can either follow the LIIFT4 Nutrition Guide that’s included, try out the new (awesome) 2B Mindset nutrition program, or follow the Portion Fix/21 Day Fix portion control eating plan. All of these will get the protein, nutrients, and healthy carbs you need to keep your body healthy and max your results.

Strength Training for Women | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Strength Training for Women

Many women are afraid, intimidated or turned off by the idea of strength training. Maybe they think they can’t do it—or they think they’ll get a manly looking body. If you’re one of these women, PLEASE RECONSIDER. Not only can you strength train without being overly muscular, it will totally help you burn more fat. (Be sure and check out our Ultimate Guide on How to Burn Fat!)

That’s right—strength training burns fat both during AND after the workout. You can thank “after burn” for the after part—muscle burns calories even when you’re not working out at a rate of about 25-50 calories per day. Just two strength training sessions every week can shrink your waist and hips by as much as three inches in a few months AND boost your metabolism! (If you’re doing LIIFT4, you can double that!)

It’s awesome to see the gratification that moms are getting from the LIIFT4 at home strength training program. They’re able to keep up with their active kids, set a healthy example for them, and empower their daughters to be strong—all while working out at home only four days a week.

Strength training IS for women. You may be 40, 50, 60 or even 70, but you don’t have to feel like it! Resistance training helps you fight gravity, preserve bone density and keep or build your muscle strength. You’ll gain confidence and love what you see in the mirror. Oh, and word has it you’ll also get the “booty of your dreams.”

Strength Training Program for Endurance Athletes

I’m going to cover this in more depth in another blog, but I’ll say it emphatically now—endurance athletes need to add strength training to their workout regime. A solid strength training program significantly reduces the risk of injury and increase your speed and strength and the LIIFT4 at home strength training program allows you to do it easily in conjunction with regular endurance training.

Adding strength training to your endurance workout regime will bring balance to the body and help avoid chronic overuse injuries from using the same muscles in the same way for long periods of time, sprains, and muscle strains.

LIIFT4 is the ideal strength training program for endurance athletes because by only working out four days a week, it leaves plenty of time for endurance training without getting stressed out if you’ve got the demands of a family, job, etc.

Best Strength Training Supplements

Joel works the Beachbody Performance pre-workout, during workout and post-workout supplements into the daily routine of his LIIFT4 at home strength training program to help people recover faster and max their results.

For more info on the benefits of the Performance supplements, watch this video of an interview with Joel Freeman and Dr. Luigi—Joel Freeman on His LIIFT4 Workout. They go into detail about the benefits of the Recover formula after every hard workout.

I can’t imagine not giving my body the supplements it needs before, during and after a tough workout like LIIFT4. After every at home strength training workout and endurance training session, I drink the orange flavored post-workout Recover supplement—sometimes with just water or sometimes with a little juice, frozen fruit and/or creatine to speed up the absorption of nutrients and help my muscles heal.

Online Personal Trainer & Group Strength Training

And, here’s some more great news—if you purchase the LIIFT4 at home strength training workout from us, we’ll be your own online personal trainer! In addition to having direct access to us (via Facebook, text, phone or email), you’ll be eligible for membership in our private Facebook strength training group where you’ll find daily motivation, accountability, tips and a forum to ask questions.

Get started with your at home strength training program today by clicking here—Get FREE Fitness & Nutrition Coaching. We’ll give you the personal help you need to nail it.

If you live in the U.S. and you’re ready to get the LIIFT4 and Performance supplement challenge pack, click the button below (if you’re from Canada or the UK or if you’re interested in a different LIIFT package, message us and we’ll help you out):

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