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Excuses Are Useless Results Are Priceless

Excuses Are Useless Results Are Priceless |


Excuses Are Useless Results Are Priceless

We ALL do it. We all make excuses to justify why we do or do not do something we know we should. It’s why many of us gave up on our New Year’s resolutions, why we eat that cookie or that extra piece of cheese, or skip our daily workout. I have a little mantra I want to share with you that I repeat to myself when my excuses start getting the best of me — excuses are useless results are priceless.

Why We Make Excuses

So, why is it that we make excuses? Well, there have been studies that show it’s we have an unconscious desire to protect ourselves from shame and anxiety. The more prone we are toward anxiety and shame, the more we make excuses—ultimately stopping us from reaching our goal. (If you want to dig deeper into this, here’s a good article—Why do we make excuses?)

Making excuses may be done subconsciously, but you can use awareness to override behavior. The key is being mindful.

What Is YOUR Excuse?

The first step in mindfulness to take is to notice exactly what excuses you’re making—and look at them consciously. Here are the excuses I hear most from people about their health and fitness:

1. “I don’t have time.” Guess what? We ALL have the same 24 hours in a day—Albert Einstein, Gandhi, you, and me. It’s crucial to dial into your core commitments—figure out what they are and write them down. [If you need a little help with this, you can read about mine by clicking on that link.] Then, look at how you’re spending your time—it’s likely that you’re investing more time on things that are not on this list. I want you to readjust your daily schedule to reflect your core commitments so the “no time” excuse gets blasted. Don’t forget to release control and delegate to buy yourself more time!  

2. “I can’t afford to eat healthy and pay for a gym.” The same philosophy that applies to buying quality “stuff” applies to your body. Cheap stuff breaks easier and may even be harmful to you. Cheap processed food will cost you over time—in medical bills, decreased quality of life, and less time on this earth. We must have perspective. Dave talks about that in his post on the value of Shakeology. And, one of the reasons I am madly in love with Beachbody is because of its cost effectiveness. It is much less costly than the gym. Premium Team Beachbody Club Membership is a bargain shopper’s dream!

3. “It is too hard.” Everybody who is an expert today started at Square 1. Sure, it might be challenging at first, but it gets easier! Nothing of value is easy. Stepping outside of our comfort zones on a regular basis makes us better and stronger. And, here’s where perspective comes in again—ask yourself if what you’re doing right now isn’t just as hard. Be willing to invest in progress! 

4. “I love to eat too much.” I have fabulous news—with the 21 Day Fix you CAN! You just have to change WHAT and HOW you eat. Over time, you will learn how to swap bad foods for healthy ones, so you don’t feel deprived. You should see all the pictures of delicious healthy meals that are posted in my 21 Day Fix group on Facebook! And, take a peek at some of the recipes in Autumn Calabrese’s Fixate cookbook—there is no deprivation going on here. So, there went that excuse!

5. “I don’t know what to do or where to start.” Please stop overthinking! One of the reasons I became a 21 Day Fix specialist is because it’s easy to follow. Read my post on Getting Started on the 21 Day Fix, which will help you keep it simple. You will also find lots of help and support in my 21 Day Fix Family group—other Fixers are standing by with me to answer your questions. Just start, because a little progress is still progress! 

6. “I don’t have the willpower.” Every time you feel yourself waffling, come back to consciousness and refocus on your Core Commitments. Be kind, but firm, with yourself. Success is messy in the beginning and middle, but so very beautiful at the end. Rid yourself of the “all or nothing” mindset—it’s okay to set high goals to help maximize your progress, but never forget that you’re human and there WILL be steps backward.  

7. “I don’t have support from friends or family.” The people you surround yourself with DO have an impact on your success with any goal you set for yourself. Take inventory of those in your inner circle—are there impeders or toxic people who need to be excused from your life? The odds are there are. Replace them with people who share your mindset and goals. They are infectious! One place to find this is in my 21 Day Fix Family group on Facebook. I also highly recommend finding a workout partner who will commit to working out with you at least 3-4 days per week.  

8. “I have a medical condition or injury.” Work with your doctor on this and find people who share your struggle. (It’s easy thanks to Google!) Many of them have found solutions and happily share them. Nutrition is by FAR the most important component of your health and fitness journey. And, there are gentler fitness options—like yoga—that you can likely do. Don’t let your condition or injury become an easy excuse!

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Your attitude, and how you talk to yourself, makes a HUGE difference in your success with ANYthing. Read my post on how reactive vs. proactive language affects your success. And, remember — excuses ARE useless results ARE priceless!

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