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Week 1 of 10 Rounds Tour in Los Angeles

Week 1 of the 10 Rounds Tour in Los Angeles | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Week 1 of the 10 Rounds Tour in Los Angeles | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Week 1 of 10 Rounds Tour in Los Angeles

Beachbody’s first boxing workout is getting closer to launch and we are chomping at the bit to get started! It’s been a blast watching the videos from the 10 Rounds Tour to six iconic cities all around the U.S. — starting with Week 1 of the 10 Rounds Tour in Los Angeles.

10 Rounds by Beachbody

Created by Super Trainer Joel Freeman, 10 Rounds is a high-intensity boxing program that has the potential to deliver a full body transformation through a combo of punching and weight training. The bus tour is getting everyone super pumped for its release this spring!

10 Rounds is a six week program with a total of five 30-40 minute workouts each week (3 days of boxing and 2 days of lifting).

The program will be available to coaches on March 16 and the VIP Early Access and customer launch is scheduled for April 6. It will eventually be part of the regular Beachbody on Demand library on October 1.

Two things you can do while you wait for it:

  1. Message me to get a FREE sample workout
  2. Watch the promo video HERE

Week 1 of 10 Rounds Tour in Los Angeles

Here’s the video from Week 1 of the 10 Rounds Tour in Los Angeles, starting at Beachbody’s corporate office (where Beachbody was born!) then to the very first coach event of the tour:

Coaches all across the U.S. were invited to work out with Joel and his 10 Rounds team and check out that amazing bus.

As you can see, this workout will have you sweating as you learn power jabs and crosses. Then, you start building muscle with weight lifting. No doubt we’ll be needing lots of Performance Recover to help us get to Week 2.

Speed, endurance, agility, weight lifting — 10 Rounds covers it all. And, Week 1 helps you set the foundation for an amazing six weeks.

That bus is sweet…but, that sweat test was nasty!

10 Rounds on Beachbody on Demand

But, the biggest point of this video is to show you that you can do it from ANYwhere thanks to Beachbody on Demand. You can also combine it with either 2B Mindset or Ultimate Portion Fix eating plans for some extra amazing results.

Here are the key 10 Rounds release dates:

  • Free sample workout — March 9 (yep, it’s here now!)
  • Available to coaches (even discount ones!) — March 16
  • VIP Early Access & customer launch — April 6
  • Added to the regular Beachbody on Demand library — October 1

Message me to get the sample workout and to find out how not to wait until October to start punching. Coaching is included for FREE with a BOD subscription!

Next stop…Las Vegas <<< Click on this link to see a mind blowing 10 Rounds transformations!

Coach Monica & 10 Rounds


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