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Beachbody Performance Line Pricing

Beachbody Performance Line Pricing |

Beachbody Performance Line Pricing |

Beachbody Performance Line Pricing

I’m super excited to talk to introduce you to our newest amazing supplements and share some info and tips on the Beachbody Performance Line pricing.

The Beachbody Performance Line of supplements was designed to improve the performance of athletes in every athletic area of their lives.

I’ve been a coach with Beachbody since 2007, and they have consistently been innovators in the fitness industry. This new supplement line is no exception. It was developed by Harvard trained scientists and, like all of Beachbody’s supplements, contains only proven top quality and natural ingredients.

I’ve been using the entire Performance line for two months now and I’m thoroughly impressed. They’ve made a big difference in both my performance and recovery and I’d love for you to see the same benefits.

Here’s what’s included in the Performance Line:

  1. Energize (pre-workout energy drink: This lemon flavored supplement improves exercise performance, reduces lactic acid build up, and sharpens focus and reaction time.
  2. Hydrate (hydration drink): This citrus flavored supplement maximizes fluid absorption and replaces electrolytes much better than water or high sugar sports drinks.
  3. Recover (post-workout recovery drink): This chocolate flavored supplement contains fast, medium and slow release proteins and other nutrients to reduce muscle soreness.
  4. Recharge (post-workout/pre-bedtime drink): This vanilla supplement reduces soreness and promotes healing of muscles using slow releasing protein.
  5. Creatine: This has been in Beachbody’s supplement line for some time and is included in the Performance Line for those who want to improve muscle growth and hydration.

Now, watch this video. Not only will I share my personal experience and Beachbody’s overview of these supplements, but I’ll go over Beachbody Performance Line pricing in detail. I want you to get the best deal possible—like spending $161 for the entire line instead of $214—and get Beachbody on Demand as part of the deal.


I’m standing by to answer any questions you might have about the Beachbody Performance Line. Just click on the button below and I’ll get right back to you:

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Author: Dave

Father, retired attorney, cyclist (road & track), skier, surfer, recovered triathlete, half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. Living my passion as an entrepreneur helping people achieve their fitness and financial goals.

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