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Health Esteem Instead of Resolutions

Health Esteem Instead of Resolutions | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Health Esteem Instead of Resolutions | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Focus on Health Esteem Instead of Resolutions!

This year we’re doing things different. No more New Year’s resolutions! We’re aiming for “health esteem” instead.

We’re all about self improvement, but not at the expense of our self-esteem. We’ve had enough of “imperfection marketing!”—and so has Beachbody.

New Year’s resolutions are fraught with failure, mostly because they are not sustainable and they are often destructive at their core.

An Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions

The alternative to the negative judgement of imperfection marketing is “Health Esteem.”

This healthier fitness and nutrition philosophy takes who you are now and combines that with the changes you want to make without guilt, overwhelming goals, deprivation, and eventual failure.

Instead, it’s based on making small healthy choices that enhance our lives.

It’s a revolution! And, we are totally behind it.

In fact, January is now called “World Health Esteem Month!”

Practicing Health Esteem

Practicing “health esteem” is totally learnable and doable and ultimately leads to a positive mindset that makes better choices come more naturally.

It simply requires paying attention and slowly working on creating new healthier habits.

No more working out because we’re unsatisfied with ourselves. The “health esteem” mindset is that we exercise because we value ourselves.

No more making food choices to punish ourselves. The “health esteem” mindset is that we eat better to take care of ourselves.

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A Plan for January

Beachbody came up with these 10 things we can focus on to further our “health esteem”:

1. Wake up on the first alarm

If you’re one to hit that Snooze button, boost your “health esteem” by starting the day immediately without feeling like you’re already lagging.

2. Do the hardest thing first

Anything that you might rationalize blowing off—like meditating, working out, a challenging issue, do first. Postponing or skipping it lowers your “health esteem,” while doing it first boosts it.

3. Make time to eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not good for our bodies or minds. Making time for a breakfast that serves us boosts our “health esteem.”

4. Replace “dirty” energy with “clean” energy

Where we get our energy effects our “health esteem,” so let’s focus on getting it from healthy ingredients.

Instead of choosing chemical sweeteners, preservatives, and artificial colors (AKA toxins!), let’s choose clean ones that boost our “health esteem.”

5. Plan lunch the day before

Most unhealthy eating comes from a lack of planning. By planning our lunches the day before, we’re ensuring that we eat an important meal that makes us feel good.

This leads to more progress, more personal growth, and a higher “health esteem.”

6. Swap afternoon treats for “superfood desserts”

Late afternoon is when many of us crave and justify that sweet snack. We can still have a treat, let’s just make it a healthy one.

Instead of a processed snack or a sugar-loaded coffee drink, let’s start consistently choosing a healthy snack with protein, superfoods, and fiber. You’ll be shocked at how this one small change in your daily routine will make a huge difference in your “health esteem!”

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7. Give energy

There are energy givers and energy suckers, right? Being an energy givers will actually bring us more positive energy our way and will not only boost our “health esteem,” but those around us as well.

8. Take time for a post-work reflection

At the end of our work day, let’s take a moment to think about how much we did in our day and give ourselves a big pat on the back.

Here are three great questions to ask ourselves:

  • What is one thing you accomplished today?
  • What is one new question you are excited to answer tomorrow?
  • What is one thing you appreciated about yourself today?

9. Slow dinner down

Let’s not race through dinner…rather, let’s slow down and make it intentional. Savor the food and this wonderful transition from our day into the evening.

This is a fabulous time to share what you accomplished during the day and, if you’re eating with others, find out what they did.

10. No screens 30 minutes before bed

It’s a real thing…the blue light and mental distractions from phones, TV, and computers right before bed disrupt your sleep cycle, which decreases your “health esteem.”

Try connecting with someone around you, reading, journaling, meditating, or stepping outside and soaking up the night sky.

“Health Esteem” is About Giving Ourselves Grace

If you do nothing on this list, at the very least, start working on giving yourself grace. Grace has a huge positive impact on our “health esteem.”

We’re human. We’re doing our best. It’s important for us to take regular moments and simply appreciate ourselves.

Tomorrow is another day and we deserve to start it knowing that we are great. Let’s connect and help each other boost our respective “health esteems!”


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