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10 Rounds Transformations & Week 5 of 10 Rounds Tour in Brooklyn

Week 5 of the 10 Rounds Tour in Miami | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Week 4 of the 10 Rounds Tour in Miami | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Check Out These 10 Rounds Transformations & Week 5 of the 10 Rounds Tour in Brooklyn

Monica is off and punching with Joel Freeman’s 10 Rounds program! Not only is this Monica’s first boxing working—it’s Beachbody’s first as well. We wanted to share some more 10 Rounds transformations with you and the video from Week 5 of 10 Rounds in Brooklyn to get you motivated to join her!

If you’re like me, you like to know who is training you and what exactly you’ll be doing, so I’ll start with that.

About 10 Rounds

The new 10 Rounds boxing workout is the creation of Beachbody Super Trainer Joel Freeman, the same guy who did Core De Force and LIIFT4.

The 10 Rounds program is designed to work out your entire body, 30-40 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for a total of 6 weeks. The workouts are a combo of punching and weight training and will exercise every part of your body.

Eventually, 10 Rounds will be a part of the Beachbody on Demand library—on October 1, 2020, to be exact. But, you CAN get it sooner so you can go through your amazing transformation now rather than later!

There’s zero risk to give it a try. Just do this:

  1. Learn more about 10 Rounds, and watch the promo video, HERE
  2. Message me to get a FREE sample workout

Week 5 of 10 Rounds Tour in Brooklyn

Are you just joining the tour now? Let me fill you in…

Joel and his team did a pre-launch tour of six iconic U.S. cities—one for each week of the program—to promote 10 Rounds and turn people on to Beachbody on Demand:

At each stop, they did a live workout with hundreds of excited Beachbody customers and coaches. Here’s the video of Week 5 of the 10 Rounds Tour in Brooklyn at Boxing Central, otherwise known as Gleasons Gym:

Don’t plan on getting comfortable in Week 5 of 10 Rounds. Just to keep you on your toes, this week you’ll be learning how to pivot. This move forces you to change your weight, foot placement, and direction really fast—and is excellent for improving your coordination!

Pivots, rolls, shuffles and slips…oh my. And, the final burnout goes from 90 seconds to a full 2 minutes to push your cardio and endurance just that much further. Can you say sore muscles?

One of the goals of the 10 Rounds Tour was to show everyone how easy it is to do the workouts at home or take them on the road—all you have to have are the BOD subscription and a Smart TV, computer, or mobile device.

The sweat is the proof—if you commit to every workout in this 6 week program, your upper and lower body and core will be transformed.

A huge treat on the Brooklyn stop was a visit from Bobby Calabrese, who co-wrote the Fixate cookbook and co-hosts the Fixate cooking show on BOD with his sister, Autumn of the 21 Day Fix/Portion Fix.

While munching on vegan and gluten-free sweet potato pies, Joel reminds us how important it is to fuel your body with clean whole foods and natural supplements when you’re doing a tough workout. The Ultimate Portion Fix eating plan, Shakeology, and the Performance supplements are all excellent tools to maximize your nutrition, energy and results.

Here are some more 10 Rounds transformations—these are from real people who committed to six weeks of 10 Rounds and their choice of supplements:

More 10 Rounds Transformations

Meet Alex K., a recruiter, who did the full 10 Rounds program while using Performance and Shakeology supplements. His 10 Rounds transformation was amazing—with a 24.2 pound weight loss and 14.25 inch size loss.

10 Rounds Transformations — Alex K. | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM


Next is Cecilia M., the Senior Director of Creative Operations at Beachbody, who combined the 10 Rounds Workout with Shakeology and Performance supplements and lost 17 pounds and 14.25 inches.

10 Rounds Transformations: Cecilia M. | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

I would say that if you want a quick workout that you can enjoy and don’t need equipment for (actually equipment that you can take with you) and don’t have much time in your life, this is it! You will be shocked at the results in just 6 weeks of consistent training.

And, last but not least, is Charly T., a CMS Content Coordinator at Beachbody, who lost 17.6 pounds and 9.5″.

10 Rounds Transformations: Charly T. | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM


I was motivated to start 10 Rounds because I had reached a weight that was making me unhappy and causing me to feel uncomfortable in my own body. I wanted to take the steps needed to change myself for the better and start to live a healthier lifestyle.

10 Rounds on Beachbody on Demand

Contact us to get your FREE sample workout, learn more about Beachbody on  Demand, and have your questions answered. Coaching is included in the price of BOD. Next stop…Philadelphia!

Coach Monica & 10 Rounds


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Father, retired attorney, cyclist (road & track), skier, surfer, recovered triathlete, half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. Living my passion as an entrepreneur helping people achieve their fitness and financial goals.

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